Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all customers attending Latin Soul Dance & Fitness classes and buying our products/services.

NEW: Prepaid credits and Memberships

  • Prepaid credits/services: All our prepaid credits must be used within the specified date at the time of purchase. Please be aware that we can not extend expiry dates on expired passes. Credits can be shared with a friend so we advice that you bring someone along if you forecast that you will not be able to use up all your credits.
  • Membership/subscriptions: From the 1st Nov 2015 you will be able to subscribe to our D.D prepaid unlimited plans. Whilst you are able to cancel your subscription at any time please note that we cannot freeze prepaid plans under any circumstances. Also, note that you will lose your discount bonus (if any) if you stop your subscription before your first anniversary with Latin Soul.


  • Members participate in Latin Soul classes at their own risk, by attending you are certifying that you have medical clearance to do so and are in good health having consulted a doctor before beginning of any of our exercise programs.
  • Stretching, warming up and cooling down are both essential parts of any Zumba and Fitness workout and should not be skipped. Latin Soul accepts no liability for injury caused due to failure to follow recommended procedure.

Pregnancy & Children

  • It is not advised to do exercise between weeks 8 to 14 of Pregnancy. It is also important to wait until six weeks after the birth before resuming exercise. If you are pregnant, seek medical advice from your doctor who will be able to advise you on pregnancy and exercise safety.
  • You must inform us if you know you are pregnant before the class/event commences.
  • Children aged 8-16 are allowed to participate in classes but must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. No child should be left unattended, at any time, during Latin Soul classes and Latin Soul accepts no liability for the safety or security, which are the parents responsibility.

Class cancellations

  • Your instructor will try to notify you in advance of any class cancellations or last minute changes to the timetable, so make sure we have your full contact details. There may be times when the decision to cancel a class is unavoidably made at the last minute and it may not be possible to inform everyone. In these instances your cancelled class will be credited for use on a future session.

Personal Belongings

  • Please keep any valuables in sight at all times, neither the venue nor Latin Soul will accept liability and can not be held responsible for any loss or damage to your belongings.


  • From time to time Latin Soul will film and photograph classes for marketing purposes. You will always be informed in advance, if you do not wish to participate or feature in pictures or videos promoting Latin Soul then please make it known to staff, otherwise we will assume that we have your consent.


  • There is plenty of free on-site and off-street parking at our North Finchley & Mill Hill venues.
  • Vehicles and contents are parked entirely at the owners risk. Please ensure you have parked correctly by taking up one car parking space and observe the ‘no parking’ signs.